1st May 2019, Labor Day Protests Around the World

Higher salaries, better working conditions, maternity leave, minimum wage and an end to discrimination against temporary or foreign workers.  These were among the distresses as countless of laborers and work activists took the rally around the world over to May Day.

Protest in Italy over the High-Speed Train

Two revolutionists and a cop were harmed in the Italian city of Turin when police obstructed an exhibit against the development of a rapid rail line among France and Italy, as per Italian news organization ANSA.

March by Russian Workers at Red-Square

Experts in Russia said around 100,000 individuals participated in a May Day rally in focal Moscow sorted out by Kremlin-accommodating worker’s guilds on Red Square. Restriction activists said in excess of 100 individuals were kept in a few urban communities, incorporating for taking an interest in unsanctioned political dissents.

In St. Petersburg, police captured more than 60 supporters of resistance pioneer Alexei Navalny. Some of them conveyed signs saying “Putin isn’t interminable,” in reference to Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has been in charge since 2000.

Police mauled many dissidents in Russia’s second-biggest city, including administrator Maxim Reznik, who was later discharged. Reznik told the Dozhd TV station that police kept nearly everybody in his dissent gathering however gave no explanation behind the captures.

Extremists disrupt in France

French police conflicted with stone-tossing dissidents who set flames and crushed up vehicles as a huge number of individuals assembled for May Day arouses under tight security. Around 165 captures were made.

Police over and over utilized poisonous gas to attempt to control the group assembling close to Paris’ Montparnasse train station for the fundamental dissent. A few dissenters were harmed. Related Press journalists saw gatherings of hooded, dark clad individuals yelling hostile to police trademarks, blending with different dissenters wearing yellow vests or waving association banners.

A man in costume holds a banner that reads, 'What are we going to leave our children, wake up' during a May Day rally in Paris.

Filipino workers demanding raise in daily wages

In the Philippines, a large number of specialists and work activists walked close to the Malacanang presidential royal residence in Manila to request that President Rodrigo Duterte’s administration address work issues including the lowest pay permitted by law increment and the absence of agreements for some laborers. One work bunch said its individuals would not vote in favor of any applicant embraced by Duterte in up and coming senate races and consumed a model of the president.

Workers march on the streets to mark May Day on May 1, 2019 in Manila.

Turkey’s May Day rallies

Turkish police confined May Day demonstrators attempting to walk toward Istanbul’s Main square, which has been proclaimed beyond reach by experts, who referred to security concerns.

May Day protest in Turkey

Other Rallies Around the World


APphoto_Sri Lanka Labor Day


2019 May Day celebrations in Athens, Greece

South Africa

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