U.S. studying India anti-satellite weapons test, warns of space debris

Source: REUTERS/Indian Defence Research and Development Organisation/DRDO/Handout

U.S. Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan warned any countries attempting anti-satellite (ASAT) weapons tests like the one India tested out recently and that they risk making a “mess” in space because of debris fields they can leave behind.
Speaking to reporters in Florida during a visit to the U.S. military’s Southern Command, Shanahan said “The United States was still studying the outcome of a missile India said it launched at one of its own satellites.”
Recent test of ASAT by India was successful and was in lower orbit supposed to left less derbies . But U.S is studying the test after affects.
Shanahan said.” My message would be: We all live in space, let’s not make it a mess. Space should be a place where we can conduct business. Space is a place where people should have the freedom to operate” .
Anti-satellite weapons that shatter their targets and have pose a space hazard by creating a cloud of derbies that can collide with other objects, potentially setting off a chain reaction of projectiles through Earth orbit.
The U.S. military’s Strategic Command was tracking more than 250 pieces of debris from India’s missile test and would issue “close-approach notifications as required until the debris enters the Earth’s atmosphere,” Pentagon spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Dave Eastburn said.
NASA chief Jim Bridenstine said “If we wreck space, we’re not getting it back,” he said, without mentioning India by name.
Shanahan noted that given the increasing global reliance on space, it was important to create rules of the road for space.
“I think not having rules of engagement is worrisome. So, how people test and develop technologies is important,” he said, adding: “I would expect anyone who tests does not put at risk anyone else’s assets.”

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