FASD is a Brain Based Disorder

It is imperative that teachers and parents understand the loss of brain in the FASD that they can begin to understand the behavior of children and adolescents with FASD and can be able to work with them.

The damage to the brain of the FASD is considered permanent at present. However, research is being held on the brain’s plasticity and self-repair ability. There is no proven research for the date that the damage done by the wines can be worse.


Brain Damage or Brain Differences

Their mind works, but different. Accept the link between the mind and the behavior. Behavior is based on the mind, when the mind worsens, its behavior is unusual – changing it does not waste your time. FASD is a psychological charge, and these are usually some Outlook indicators.

Change the Environment not the Behavior

Always ask yourself, “what if this behaviour is a symptom of a physical disability?”  This is called “re-framing the behaviour” and is crucial for any success with students who have FASD.  They are NOT behaving like this on purpose.  It is that they WON’T (do something), they CAN’T do it. (D. Malbin)

The main effect of the FASD

The basic effects of FASD are these effects due to the loss of brain from these liquor.

Information from the 6th is not found correctly in the brain.
The information is not available after there.
Information is not collected correctly after there.
Executive Function (Decision Maker) is defective on the information stored.


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