Ford’s vision of an electrified Europe

Ford is looking to electrify Europe, with its SUVs and other hybrids. Currently, the company has got around 16 models into production. Around eight models have a release date of the end of this year, according to an announcement by Ford, on the Go Further event in Amsterdam.

The transport behemoth has given us further details of their plans. Ford is planning to release the Kuga SUV, which borrows heavily from the Mustang in terms of design. Also, a commercial transit vehicle.

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Regional plans in North America

The company is following the same plan, it is following in North America, their key focus is on hybrid vehicles. In another event on Tuesday, we got to know the details of the upcoming “The Escape” model. The vehicle has a release date of 2020 in North America. This will be the latest generation and will have a sportier design. The model will come in both hybrid and electric technology options.

Just last year we got an announcement from Ford regarding its plan to pull the plug on most cars that the company is selling in North America. However, the Mustang production will not stop. We will see a lot more trucks and other transportation, as well as electric LTVs in NA, courtesy of Ford.

Regional Head of Operation appointment

Head of Operations of Europe at the company is Stuart Rowley. Right now in the pipeline, the company is producing two electric models along with the Mustang ish SUV. Rowley took over as Head of Regional Operations of Europe on April 1. He will be responsible for the business strategy and figures, along with executing the company’s Europe’s ‘Electric vision’. He will be reporting directly to the president of Ford Global Markets, Jim Farley.

Upcoming vehicles by Ford

We got to see a number of vehicles on Tuesday at the event. Majority of them are hybrid or plug-in hybrids. Two plug-in hybrids got their debut on the event as well. An Explorer SUV and a Tourneo, both of them are plug-in hybrids.

The Kuga SUV will have a range of 31 miles. Along with that, introductions of Fiesta EcoBoost and Focus EcoBoost were shown at the event. Both models feature hybrid technologies which have been made keeping in mind the fuel efficiency optimization.

The company is also looking to cater to the commercial vehicle target market. It intends to manufacture an all-electric Transit van in Europe by 2021. Although, the organization is already bringing a Transit van to the market this year. The van will be a plug-in hybrid and will contain a 13.6 kWh lithium-ion battery pack along with a 1-liter Ecoboost gas engine. The engine is added as a range extension of the vehicle. The vehicle itself will have an all-electric range of 31 miles and a total of 310 miles with the extension. The electric range will have a zero-emission drive. As of right now, the vehicle is going trial testing in London, with plans to test the vehicle in Valencia, Spain, and Cologne, Germany as well.

Ford is currently reaching for a 300-mile range for its electric vehicles in the USA. This will surely compete with Tesla’s Supercharger vision of Europe and the USA as well.

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