From August 12, the first quick PCR test facility will be available at Sialkot Airport for Pakistan-Dubai flights.

RAWALPINDI: Following UAE authorities’ limits on Covid-19 Rapid PCR/RTPCR tests, Pakistan International Airlines would begin conducting Rapid PCR tests for passengers flying to Dubai from Sialkot International Airport.

According to a PIA spokesman, the national flag carrier has scheduled special flights from Sialkot to Dubai on August 12 and 14, and passengers would be subjected to rapid PCR tests at the Sialkot airport. In light of the testing, he advised people to be at the airport at least 5 hours ahead of time.

Covid-19 Rapid PCR testing for passengers must be completed within four hours of flight departure in key concourse halls at airports, according to UAE officials.

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Passengers must report in at the Citi Lab Research & Diagnostic Centre counter 5-6 hours prior to departure and complete registration. They must provide samples within 4 hours of the flight’s departure and wait for test findings for 90 minutes. Passengers will proceed to the check-in desk after receiving negative test results.

Shahid Mughal, PIA’s regional manager for the UAE, had previously stated that talks with healthcare service providers to introduce rapid PCR tests at Pakistani airports. After UAE authorities made a rapid PCR test four hours before to flight essential, all airlines, including Pakistan International Airlines, are attempting to set up this facility at airports across the country for UAE-bound passengers.

Special discount: On the eve of Independence Day, PIA is offering a special discount on domestic flight tickets.

The national flag carrier, according to a PIA official, is providing a 14% discount on domestic ticket purchases. From Tuesday forward, discounted tickets will be available.

He indicated that the discounted tickets would be available from August 14 to August 16, 2021.

PIA now operates flights to and from all major Pakistani cities, as well as Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates.

While responding to a customer query on Twitter earlier today, Emirates also verified the existence of a fast PCR testing facility at Sialkot airport.

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