Gatwick Airport reopens after the appearance of drones disrupted operations

After the appearance of drones disrupted normal operations on the Gatwick Airport, on Wednesday. Gatwick Airport has been finally given the green signal by the authorities to recommence flight operations.

An estimated 130,000 passengers have had their plans disrupted with around 740 flights being delayed. For two days, people have been left stranded on the airport, due to these drones appearances on the airfield. These drones have raised quite a commotion in the whole country as government and the aviation authority had to face quite a lot of criticism regarding the situation. The drones have been appearing in random gaps forcing the airport to keep their operations closed.

The police are still looking for the culprit, responsible. However, no legal penalties are applicable to this case. This incident will surely result in another amendment to the existing legislation, regarding drone flights near airports.

The authorities are looking to bring the whole airport operations back to normal as fast they can and it is expected that everything will be back to normal by Saturday. Quite a lot of people faced a huge setback in their vacation plans as its Christmas season and people want to spend time with their loved ones.

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