Government Focus on Speeding up Progress, says PM

ISLAMABAD: On Monday, Prime Minister Imran Khan terminated the newly submitted federal budget “Development oriented,” which aims to strengthen the economy in order to improve the condition of the common man.

“I am pleased because the economy in Pakistan is not only stable, but moves in the right direction,” said chairperson of Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) in the Prime Minister’s house during his meeting.

Mr. Khan said that Pakistan could achieve economic stability by pursuing a successful strategy at a time when Covid-19 hit the world’s economies hard.

“It aims not just to strengthen the economy, but also to promote important areas such as agriculture, industry and housing, with this development-focused budget,” he added.

At the meeting, during which the situation of the country, budgets, measures to relieve the masses and the development process were discussed, federal Ministers, special assistants to the prime minister, political leaders and speakers were present in the meeting.

The leaders of the party congratulated the Prime Minister and the economic team of the Government on presenting a balanced budget that was appreciated by all segments of society.

Reflecting on some of the current government’s steps, PM Khan said that the aims of Kamyab Jawan, health cards, 10 trillion tree tsunami programs, promoting science and technology and poverty alleviation and job creation, was to effectively address the country’s challenges.

The government tried to present a budget that proved a ray of hope for everyone. He said.

In order to shape the conceptions of the elements, the prime minister directed the party spokespersons to raise awareness among the people of every dimension of the budget.

Subvention targeted:

Prime Minister Khan said the government is committed to providing financial resources to support the weaker sectors of society in targeted subsidies for their basic commodities.

He ordered an early finalization of a new subsidy system so as to officially launch it next month.

In the new subsidy system, the Prime Minister was presiding over a briefing.

Prime Minister’s special assistants Dr Sania Nishtar’s, Dr Waqar Masood and Dr Shehbaz Gill were present, President Arif Usmani of the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) and other officials were also present.

Prime Minister’s Special Assistant Sania Nishtar on Social Protection and Poverty Relief informed Prime Minister of the proposed system.

She stated that 92 percent of the Ehsaas survey was completed and the remaining work would be finalised by the end of this month.

The chairman of the NBP also informed the meeting about the key features of the system proposed.

The meeting said the targeted subsidy system would help millions of families purchase essential items with financial assistance.

The Prime Minister appreciated the efforts of the competent authorities in the design of the system. The Government subsidies for both rich and poor were not only wasted public resources but also the usurpation of the right of the poor.

PM Lauds Policeman:

Prime Minister Khan was grateful to Qaiser Shakeel, the warden of the Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP), who, although injured, was honest in performing his duties.

Mr. Khan said that his action was a guiding example for other government servants in a speech to the ITP official, which he invited into the PM House.

Such acts have always raised the image of the police, he says, he has gained a wide public appreciation.

He also announced a prize for the police officer.

On June 9, Qaiser Shakeel was wounded but after two days of medical rest he joined his duty.

A video clip of the injured ITP official performing his duties in the hot weather went viral on various social media platforms.

Zainab Murtaza

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