Katie Charged with Drink-Driving

Katie Charged with Drink-Driving

Katie price at the beginning of October, has been charged with drink-driving. The 40-year-old former glamour model was charged by the inquiry last week, two months later, in suspicion of driving under the influence of her arrest in south east London.
Price is now due to appear at Bromley Magistrates’ Court on Monday, 7 January. If found guilty, she could serve up to six months in prison.

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The ex-boyfriend Kris Boyson of Katie Price also arrived there after the her arrest for drink driving. Held at Plumstead Police Station for less than 24 hours, Boyson was also pictured at the station.


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Price is believed to be released that afternoon. The Priory for PTSD at the 28-year-old outpatient treatment rehab program, after its time of arrest, was Katie Price. This has been a turbulent year for the price. Once believed to be upwards of £ 40 million, she was not hesitate to bankruptcy from this month and reportedly desperate to sell her £ 2 million Sussex mansion. Price  was forced to prove in court that he had an adequate loan repayment plan of £ 22,000 bill.

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