Najam Sethi Slams PCB for Not Doing Business with India for England TV Rights

Former Chairman of the Board of Pakistan (PCB), Najam Sethi said that Kashmir policy had nothing to do with a government decision not to air England-Pakistan series.

If Pakistan television does Najam Sethi, the ex-Cheairman of Najam Sethi of Pakistan’s Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), said next month that Pakistan Television will not be able to provide the transmitters to broadcast the two-string series of its national team online in England.

“All is dramatic to achieve a political milestone using the name of Kashmir. The fact is that the government uses pressure to cut down on the funds required by the Indian broadcaster “On the day following the announcement of Federal Minister Sethi and Fawad Chaudhry in his speech to Dawn on Tuesday the Federal Cabinet decided that the Indian would not broadcast matches for England. The government used the Federal Cabinet’s pressure tactics.

While assuring Pakistani fans that PTV will broadcast the series against Britain or other visiting teams, Sethi claimed that “PTV shall enter into an Agreement with Sony UK or some Dubai company associated with Sony that rights shall not be purchased directly from the Indian station after the broadcast has been concluded.”

According to Sethi, the games of the national team which took place all around the world on Live TV were a tradition, and international cricket shows featuring Pakistan were never approved by the firm.

He stated that, however, the PSL production teams are Indians and no restrictions are imposed by the PCB or the government.

In the meantime, the PTV reported that the last six years have been overpaying Sony TV’s Indian television stations that cover three international games for a day and three twenty20.

Sethi noted that in the past cabinet approval has never been needed for matters such as tele-casting for any international cricket series involving Pakistan.

‘It was a tradition of PTV that national team games played everywhere in the world were transmitted live.”

 If Indian broadcasting involvement is such an issue, he argued that there was no objection to the fact that Indians were part of the PSL.

Sources have added that PTV is being negotiated with Tower Sports to gain rights as a Dubai-owned company heading by a Pakistani named Zahid Noorani, so that PTV will be able to complete the agreements.

Zainab Murtaza

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