Obesity & its Causes


Obesity is a biological, prevention and cure disease. Obesity is not a bet, a mistake, result of poor poor power, or any mistake. Obesity factors include contribution and an environment. Obesity is described as a mass index of 30 or more body (BMI). BMI is a weight gain ratio that is not affected by age, sex, or race. As a disease, obesity is based on many other chronic illnesses – 2 types of diabetes, heart diseases and heart diseases, some kind of cancer, depression, arthritis, unwanted breathing, decline and mineral disorders.

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Causes of Obesity 

There are so many reasons for obesity but only few are discussed here. Few factors written here which cause obesity.


Some people appear to be genetically susceptible to weight gain and obesity.

Engineered junk food

The difficulty to process stores is full of food items that are difficult to resist. These products also promote flow.

Food Addiction

Some people experience strong food cravings or addictions. It applies to sugar, sweet, high fat hunger foods, in which brain centers are encouraged in mind.

Aggressive Marketing

Food producers spend a lot of marketing junk marketing, sometimes targeting children, those who have knowledge and experience are being misleading.


High insulin levels and insulin resistance are linked to obesity growth. To reduce the insulin levels, reduce your amount of carbohydrates and eat more fiber.

Certain Medications

Some medications may promote weight gain by reducing the number of calories burned or increasing appetite.


Some people may be able to increase weight due to misuse. It can make weight loss even more difficult.

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