Point’s percentage will remain to decide next World Test Championship finalists

SOUTHAMPTON: On Monday, the International Cricket Council (ICC, in its Spanish initials), said that after the system was adopted at the inaugural event of Covid hit, the percentage of points earned will decide the next World Test Championship (WTC) finalists.

India and New Zealand will play the World Championship Final in Southampton on Friday and the winner will receive $1.6 million along with the Test mace. The runners-up will pocket $800,000 in the nine-team competition.

In the first cycle which has been severely disrupted by the pandemic, it changed from the original system of total points to the percentage of the points gained.

ICC acting Chief Executive Geoff Allardice told a selected group of reporters in a Video Chat from Southampton that “we will stick with the percentage of points won method to the classified teams.” “In the second half of the competition, I think that percentage served us well. Now you can put a standardized number of points per test match, whether a two-test or a 5-test series doesn’t matter.”

He added: “The same number of points will be available for each match that’s played. Every team will be judged on the percentage of points and not on total.”

The new approach left Virat Kohli’s India to win the Test Series in Australia and the one in the UK to finish the finale.

After a 3-1 series win over England in March, India booked its place in the final.

The side of Kane Williamson secured their place when the pandemic postponed Australia’s South Africa tour this year.

“One of the things that took place in this cycle was that, as a result of postponements, it has come to light that not everyone is completing their six series,” he said. “We made the point to tweak and to make the points system as fair as possible because we had teams with uneven numbers of series.”

Allardice said it was a success following two years of test series that ICC wanted to add more contexts to the five-day games to determine the top two teams in the world.

“I believe we were very pleased about how it worked,” Allardice said. “It became evident that there was not an interest in the series [in a bilateral series] from both countries involved in the whole world of cricket. It was a real step forward in bringing this kind of context.”

India’s coachman Ravi Shastri suggested that a three-game WTC finale would take place next time, but Allardice said that a ‘one-game final’ is pretty exciting.

Allardice also clarified that the rule on Covid-19 replacements and concussion replacements will remain as it has been for the last 12 months.

“Covid replacements will be available if a player is required to not continue in a match as a result of a Covid-19 situation,” he said.

Zainab Murtaza

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