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Speech of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan – UNGA 2019

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan is afraid that there would be a bloodbath when India lifts its curfew in Indian-administered Kashmir and that any all-out conflict between the two nuclear-armed nations would reverberate far beyond their borders.

Khan made the remarks in an impassioned speech to the annual United Nations General Assembly after India last month removed the decades-old autonomy in the part of Kashmir it controls under India’s constitution.

Khan said with 900,000 Indian troops once a curfew is lifted Kashmiris “will be out in the streets. And what will the soldiers do? They will shoot them.”
Imran khan in UNGA
Khan bluntly warned that war was possible over India’s actions in Kashmir.

The nuclear-armed rivals, which have fought two of their three wars over Kashmir, have been locked in a worsening standoff since August 5, when Modi stripped the portion of Kashmir that India controls of its limited autonomy.

Modi’s Hindu nationalist-led government imposed a sweeping military curfew and cut off residents in the Muslim-majority region from virtually all communications.

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