Staff and traders at Eid-ul-Azha cattle markets must be vaccinated, according to the NCOC.

In preparation for the forthcoming Eid-ul-Azha holiday, the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) announced Covid-19 immunization mandatory for all workers and traders at cattle markets on Sunday.

On access to the markets, the NCOC also requested the administration to provide hand sanitizers, masks, and fast antigen testing services.

It further said that cattle markets must be established outside of cities and must follow Covid-19 standard operating procedures. There was a “restriction on purchasing and selling of animals within the city,” according to the guidelines.

In a separate announcement, the NCOC provided updates on Pakistan’s immunization program, stating that over 16.7 million vaccine doses had been administered. “More than 830,000 vaccinations [doses] were provided in June,” it stated.

A delegation led by the NCOC’s director general visited Gilgit-Baltistan to assess the overall coronavirus status and vaccination efforts in the region, according to the report. The group visited vaccination clinics in Gilgit, Shigar, and Hunza, assuring residents that the NCOC had resolved to fully vaccinate all registered people.

A dedicated team was also formed to combat Covid-19’s spread in the United Kingdom and improve the immunization process, according to the statement.

Ministry of National Health Services Issues Eid-ul-Azha etiquette:

On Tuesday, the Ministry of National Health Services released advice to avoid the spread of Covid-19 infections ahead of Eid, asking individuals to travel only as much as they need to during the Eid holidays because the “danger of a fresh wave was imminent.”

It said that any new animal marketplaces must follow the rules for social distancing and other safeguards.

People should choose online shopping, and district administrations should allocate large enough places away from populous regions for animal markets, according to the ministry. Local officials would have to make sure that everyone who came to the market wore a facemask that covered both their nose and mouth at all times.

All animal traders and sellers must also get vaccinated with one of the Covid-19 vaccinations that are now available, according to the authorities. According to the health ministry’s guidelines, “those without proof of vaccination (first dose or entire course) may not be authorized to conduct business in the market.”

According to the guidelines, animal vendors and buyers must keep a safe distance of two meters between them and use gloves while handling animals. It went on to say that any seller or worker who had a cough, sore throat, fever, or other illness would be barred from the market and would have to find a replacement.

Zainab Murtaza

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